10 Essential Tips for Road Accident Claims

Road Traffic Accidents are an unfortunate part of life and being insured just isn’t enough. We all fall in to the trap of thinking insurance companies are there to help us when in fact its to payout as less as possible when you make a car accident claim. Therefore this guide will help you and give you tips on what to do when you have had an accident. It will try and help you make the process from accident to potential payout as smooth as possible. These tips are based on years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and road accident victims.

Car accident claim. How long does it take to settle a car accident claim?

Document. Make sure that you write down or take note of everything regarding the accident as soon as you can. The one thing that will always strengthen your case is evidence so the more you have the clearer it will be to prove liability. Also try to make weekly notes of any medical check ups or conversation with solicitors or insurers you may have.

Speak to a solicitor ASAP. Once you’ve had an accident you may think that the best person to speak to first is your insurer but don’t forget they are there to cover their backs and not yours. once you have made a statement with the insurers then it becomes legally binding. So therefore it is always best to get expert advice first because the solicitor will ensure you get maximum compensation for your claim.

Insurance companies aren’t your friends. It may seem like the insurance person at the end of the phone is on your side and working for you, i mean you pay a lot for insurance each year. But don’t forget, they work for the insurance company, and the insurance company does not want you to spend their money. So be careful of what you say and what statement you provide.

Be polite and professional. Always be polite and professional to the case handler from the insurance company. They deal with your case and you do not want them to crate and unnecessary delays or hiccups.

Be careful what you say. Your case handler can close down your claim if they feel you don’t need any medical treatment or the injuries aren’t sufficient for a claim. They will share all your communications with the case handler for the liable party. So, be careful, less is more in these conversations.

Read before you sign. This may sound patronising and seem obvious, but there are many that make this mistake. They just sign a document because they believe its in their interest, only to realise at a later date that they had actually signed something that was being used against them. Remember, once it has your signature on it then there is nothing you can do so take the extra time to read all of it carefully.

Get immediate medical care. Medical reports are key to any claim and can help your compensation amount. It is imperative that you receive medical attention immediately and document all the medication that you have received.

Regular medical care. If you have received an injury then don’t just think that receiving medical attention once is enough. If the injury requires the receive medical attention as often as you can. The highly detailed your medical report is the stronger you case will be. This will then ultimately lead to higher compensation.But your adjuster works for the insurance company, and the insurance company does not want you to spend their money

 Treat all injuries. This may sound strange but it is rare that one type of treatment will solve all your problems. Car accidents can cause damage to the bone, muscle and nerves so make sure you take care of each one before closing your claim.

DO NOT EXAGGERATE YOUR CLAIM. Do not exaggerate your injuries or expenses in your accident claim, because nowadays insurance companies are on the lookout for this and wont think twice about throwing your claim out. A small compensation payout  is better than no claim.

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